Thank You!
If I was going to write a book today, I would entitle it "If The Seineyard Walls Could Talk"..We opened the doors of The Seineyard at SummerCamp on May 7, 2012 with so much excitement. We already had two restaurants, but not on the coast. Sam said "You want it, You run it" and I said Lisa guess where we are going….LoL. I knew with the help of my Brother in law, Michael Ray and the Seineyard team, we could make this happen and be successful. If my walls could talk, they wou
ld tell you all the fun we have had doing weddings, receptions ,family reunions, and many parties such as birthday, anniversary, and christmas. We also hosted Sams 40th class reunion last year which is still being talked about. Sam has catered many events such as "The Colonels" and most memorable , "Price's Point". We have provided our customers with many hours of entertainment by local bands and artists. Also have had the pleasure to meet and serve Lari White, Billy Dean, and Zach Brown. On Sunday evening September 27th, the music will stop, the lights will go dim and the walls will be silenced and we close the doors of The Seineyard @ SummerCamp. Our lease will be up with The St. Joe Company strictly because we found it "not feasible" to renew our lease under St. Joe's terms and conditions. We can not take the walls with us but we can take all the memories that will forever be inside those walls. I thank The St. Joe Company for allowing us the opportunity to pursue our dream of being at the coast. Through this we have made many friendships that will last a lifetime. A special THANKS to The St. Teresa Community and all the surrounding communities that welcomed us with open arms and supporting us these last 3 1/2 years. Where Conversations did begin and friends were made for a lifetime. Sam, Starr, Sandi Dunlap, Lisa Hester, and The Seineyard SummerCamp gang…….